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Automium Build Automation

Simple system for running build automation scripts.


The basic usage of the automium utility assumes the location of the build file under build.json


In order to be able to change the default build file the --extra file parameter must be provided.

atm --file=extra.json

It's possible to verify changes from previous version, for that the --previous parameter should be passed with the previous version.

atm --previous=d86f4df6f7c9237a56970a102bba3482d91e823a

The automium infra-structure provided support for continuous building system using the keep flag.

atm --keep
atm --keep --file=extra.json

It's also possible to just pack the current build configuration together with the script files to be used latter for that use the --pack parameter.

atm --pack
atm --pack --file=extra.json


For linux based systems dpkg-architecture util is required to correctly retrieve the architecture for the system, in case the utility does not exists an erroneous value may be present for build artifacts.

To install the command under Ubuntu Linux use the folowing command:

apt-get install dpkg-dev


Automium is currently licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.